Dear Kid,

I was poking around the internet when I found an article on Lifehacker called How to Choose Between a Backpack and a Suitcase for Travel (you really don’t need to go read it—because you already know how to choose between types of luggage—but I provided the link in case you’re really bored and so the Internet Police won’t chase me down).

There is no conclusive evidence that cats prefer suitcases over backpacks. Cats pack when and how they please. DearKidLoveMom.comThis is what’s wrong with the internet—we read the stuff we already know just to show how smart we are (or how stupid the article’s author is).

The author of this particular article pointed out (with the help of bullet points and paragraph headings) the obvious pros and cons of suitcases and backpacks, leaving out the obvious (bellhops are more disdainful of backpacks) and cat videos, and including lots of space for pop-up ads.

This is what’s wrong with the internet—pop-up ads. I’m all for capitalism and free speech et al., but don’t block my ability to read what I’m trying to read. That’s just rude.

The plus of the article was that I didn’t have to click through to see all the various adorable corgi butts (not that I would ever spend my time doing that). All the information was right there on the page, so kudos for that.

Because that’s what’s really wrong with the internet—articles (and by “articles” I mean things like 31 Hilarious Puppy Photos) that make you click to see the next slide. Even worse are the ones where you KNOW there should be a NEXT or READ MORE option and for the life of you, you just can’t find it and who had the ridiculous idea to make it this difficult?!

Just in case you weren’t sure: Hiking—take a backpack. Staying at The Plaza—take a suitcase (or 3). Going to Grandma’s—take whatever you like. She doesn’t judge. And she bakes cookies.

Love, Mom