Dear Kid,

Sometimes the way things are named or marketed leads to instant disappointment. “World’s Best” fill-in-the-blank often isn’t even on the World’s Top Ten List. Nitro Coffee (which the sales person spends 10 minutes explaining and you can’t wait to try) tastes like ick.

The Donut Trail could have been one of those things. The Donut Trail #DonutTrail could have been a somewhat circular hiking trail. Or a trail with a picture of a donut. Or some other highly disappointing (if calorie-free) marking creation.

Happily, it’s none of the above.

Butler County's Donut Trail (No Hiking Boots Necessary) DearKidLoveMom.comLocated in Butler County, the Donut Trail is a “trail” of 9 specialty Donut Shops. They are far enough apart that driving is essential (I told you this didn’t disappoint). According to the website (see here):

Grab a traveling donut companion and head out on a sweet new trail in Butler County, Ohio. Follow the trail markers to find delicious donut shops. Prep for your trail travels by downloading a map and passport. Once you’ve conquered all the donut shop stops with your passport you’ll be rewarded!

These lovely independent donut bakeries carry all sorts of interesting sounding donuts like s’mores donuts, pineapple fritters, and tiger tails (I’m not sure what that is, but I’m willing to find out).

I’m guessing there is even coffee to be had to go with the donuts.

I think this may have to go on the calendar for when you and Pi are home. What do you think?

Love, Mom