Dear Kid,

Top 7 Ideas for Gifts College Kids to Give Their Families. DearKidLoveMom.comIt is the time of lists.

The Best Gifts for Dad.

Forty Gifts Under $40.

Twenty Seven Ideas for Decorating for the Holidays.

And so on.

Most of the ideas and gifts involve lots of money, huge amounts of crafty talent, ridiculous tackiness, or all of the above.

Since not all college students are flush with money and/or crafty talent, here is the list of the Top 7 Ideas for Gifts College Kids to Give Their Families.

  1. Do your own laundry. You’re welcome to bring it home. You’re welcome to use our machine. Just don’t expect anyone to wash and fold for you.
  2. Tell us your schedule. We know you have plans that don’t always include us. Please let us know where you’re going, whether you’re joining us for dinner, and when to expect you home.
  3. Recognize that other people watch television. There are Bowl Games. We get it. We even plan to watch some of them. But there are other things on TV and you do not always get to make the final decision.
  4. There are times to turn off. I checked. There is no requirement to have the television running 20 hours a day. There is no requirement to check texts while having conversations with live people.
  5. The house rules still apply. You’re old enough to make your own breakfast; you’re also old enough to clean up the aforementioned meal without being reminded multiple times. When we have a family meal everyone (by which I mean everyone) needs to help clean up.
  6. Try to remember that we’re a family. There will be optional events and there will be required events. Try to participate cheerfully.
  7. Volunteer to help. It would be great to volunteer outside the house, but I’ll settle for you volunteering inside. There are magic words (in addition to “please” and “thank you”). They sound something like, “Hey, Mom. Let me take care of that for you.”

And a hug with a sincere “Love you Mom.” That’s the best gift ever.

Love, Mom