Dear Kid,

Sometimes we do things because we want to (eat chocolate chip cookies). Sometimes we do things because we have to (write papers for a class). Sometimes we do things because we feel we ought to (vacuum the dorm room) even though no one is actually forcing us.

Sometimes we enjoy doing the things we have to do. Sometimes not so much.

If Mary Poppins had the opportunity to weigh in on the not-so-much she would undoubtedly mention spoonfuls of sugar. The problem is that if sugar were the answer I’d sit down and eat a package of Oreos.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the not-so-much tasks would take care of themselves? Or if the elves would finally (finally!) show up and take care of things? Or if eating Oreos would somehow magically offset the doing of the chores?

Until then, I’ve got things to do (none of which include Oreos–or donuts).

Love, Mom