Dear Kid,

It’s the Ides of March. Here’s to you Julius C.

The Ides show up each month on the 15th just the way they’re supposed to, but we pay attention to the Ides of March more than others because they, um, are in March and we’re bored with everything else.

Also we just celebrated Pi Day and have a few more days to go until St. Patrick’s Day and the weather hasn’t really decided if it’s winter or the middle of summer and so why not celebrate the Ides?

Here is a great article on 6 myths about the death of Julius, which I suggest reading. It’s entertaining and factual. Ordinarily, I would summarize it for you here, but I’m still absorbing my first cup of coffee, so that is beyond my abilities this lovely morning.

Watch out for assassination attempts, have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine. I’m going to finish my coffee.

Love, Mom