Dear Kid,

So much celebration this weekend!

National Popcorn Day! DearKidLoveMom.comYesterday was Pi Day (a day I hope you celebrated with 3.14 times the excitement of other days). It was also National Popcorn Day (it’s OK to celebrate today if you didn’t get to it yesterday).

Today is the Ides of March (watch your back), Incredible Kid Day (as every day should be), and Everything You Think is Wrong Day (as no day should be). Tonight is the start of Purim (which has better food than Everything You Think Is Wrong Day.) And the continuation of We Are Going To Get This House Cleaned Up Day Weekend Week Month Year Whatever.

Tomorrow is Everything You Do is Right Day–I’m not sure how that’s different from most days of the year (I’m a mom, after all) but what the heck–enjoy.

Monday is St. Patrick’s Day. Break out the Green t-shirt (I still need a picture) but please don’t pinch anyone not obviously drenched in green. Tis just Not Done now that you’re in college.

Tuesday you might want to nap because Wednesday is National Poultry Day. Then Thursday is Extraterrestrial Abductions Day and we all know that’s bound to be a Big Day for all.

Do not ask where some of these less well known holidays come from. I don’t have a clue. I didn’t make them up (more’s the pity) but they’re on the internet, so they must be important.

Especially National Popcorn Day.

Love, Mom