Dear Kid,

Usually I talk to dogs. In my experience, dogs have a lot more words than cats.

But cats have a lot more attitude. Of the ‘tude variety.

I kind of admire them for their attitude.

Meet my friend the kitten.

Kitten Observations. When your mom tells you to take a nap, but you're really watching tv.

When mom tells you to take a nap, and you pretend to, but you’re really watching tv…

Kitten Observations. I'm hiding. You can't see me.

I’m hiding. That means you can’t see me. Until I change my mind.

Kitten Observations. Mom's a good cook, but supervision is important.

Mom’s a good cook. But supervision is important. And that’s my job.

Kitten Observations. Yes, I know I'm cute. Thank you.

Yes, I know I’m cute. Thank you for noticing.

Love, Mom