Dear Kid,

Cinco de Mayo! DearKidLoveMom.comIt’s Cinco de Exhausted.

Turns out the World’s Most Wonderful Children kept me out past my bedtime last night. The good news is I adore my children and adore spending time with them (even if we really only associated with each other on the drive to and from the movie). The bad news is The Avengers is not a movie to sleep through (especially since it cost a mortgage payment to buy the tickets and 2 bottles of water).

And while you—as a college student—can probably manage on a few seconds sleep, Moms of college students, not so much.

So while I’m contemplating wearing extra mascara to give my eyelids a nice resting place, most of the world is celebrating Cinco de Mayo (or Cincobration if you’ve been reading DearKidLoveMom for a while).

Which means people everywhere are eating tacos, drinking margaritas, swinging at piñatas, and other cinco stuff.

Except for the people eating hoagies because it is also National Hoagie Day.

The people in charge of marketing Cinco de Mayo have done a much better job than the people marketing hoagies since absolutely no one knows it is National Hoagie Day.

As far as I’m concerned it’s National Take Five More Naps Day.

Love, Mom