Naps are wonderful and may be the only solution in around college finals DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

It’s the time of year when professors collaborate to inflict sleep deprivation on already sleep deprived college students. As I have mentioned (more than once), this may be nifty for sadistic professors but is lousy for students wishing to learn.

Here’s what happens. You have 30 hours of work to fit into a 10 hour time slot. You do as much as is humanly possible, then toddle your weary but awake self off to class for the next dose of knowledge.

But not so fast, my friend. Your brain is smarter than you are and goes off to sleep exactly 1.6 seconds into the lecture.


‘Tis true, ‘tis true.

Parts of your brain (specifically the part in charge of not spilling coffee in your lap) stay awake. Other parts of your brain (specifically the parts in charge of problem solving and learning) take a nap.

What this means is that your lap and your brain both stay dry. It looks like you’re awake, but no one is home.

The solution? Sleep.

The reality? College isn’t designed to let you sleep toward the end of the semester.

The solution? Do the best you can. Realize that in three weeks there will be even fewer hours to sleep than there are now, so take advantage of shut-eye time when you can.

The reality? A short nap is better than nothing.

Love and happy napping, Mom