The Song of the College Kid | Sleeping After Freshman Finals

The Song of the Sleeping College Kid DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

I sleep, therefore I am…zzzzz –Any College Student, immediately after final exams

As you know, I spare no expense and leave no stone unturned bringing you the most important information about College Life. I have been fortunate to uncover the original Song of the College Student series (at no small risk to life and limb). After consulting with the best experts in Neanderthal Songs (College Variety), I am pleased to share with you Section I, The Song of the College Kid | Sleeping After Freshman Finals.

The Song of the College Kid | Sleeping After Freshman Finals

The laundry is piled
I know I should run it
I promise I’ll get it done soon
But exams are just over
My eyelids are heavy
Please wait while I sleep until noon

I understand breakfast’s
A wonderful time
To gobble with fork, knife, and spoon
Your cooking is better than
Food up at school
But today I’ll just sleep until noon

I’m becoming a grownup
A leader of peers
Maybe someday I’ll lead a platoon
But right now I’m leading
My pillow to bed
And there I shall sleep until noon

I know I should job hunt
I know I should network
So someday I’ll be a tycoon
I really should tackle
Those jobs (and I will)
Just as soon as I wake around noon

There may come a time
When sleep’s not a choice
When I’m up both with sun and with moon
That day isn’t here yet
I’m happy to say
So for now let me sleep until noon

This is my song as I crash
(no caffeine)
Since I don’t have a more awake tune
But pulling all nighters
Takes quite a big toll
So please let me sleep until noon

Love, Mom


  1. I loved this poem. Hidden talent revealed. You are something else! I expect to hear this refrain in my halls Wednesday morning. Welcome home, young man!

    • If you listen carefully to the snoring you can def hear it!


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