Dear Kid,

Yesterday, Pi and I went to Tom + Chee for lunch. We’ve been talking about going for about a year, and events finally conspired to give us the opportunity to go. (By “events finally conspired” I mean we finally found a moment when we both had time. Simultaneously. At the same time. Together.)

Tom + Chee (as you probably already know) was founded by two guys (not the two guys with a truck—a different two guys), their wives, and a tent. They opened on Fountain Square downtown serving tomato soup (Tom) and grilled cheese (Chee).

The food was fab, the guys opened a brick and mortar restaurant, then they went on Shark Tank and have been growing like crazy ever since.

I had the salad with grilled cheese croutons. Which is a salad (with unfortunately aged mushrooms) garnished with a cut up grilled cheese sandwich.

Salad with grilled cheese croutons at Tom + Chee. DearKidLoveMom

Pi had the traditional grilled cheese and a “dipper” soup (enough soup to dip her GC in). Much yumminess.

Classic Grilled Cheese with tomato soup for dipping at Tom + Chee.

Since Tom + Chee is especially well known for their grilled cheese donuts, we decided to try one. Ours had caramelized bananas and smoked gouda. And it was awesome. I had one bite and gained 16 pounds. On top of the 800 pounds I had gained eating the grilled cheese sandwich. Which basically means I am going to have to see Omar the Tentmaker about making me a dress for next week.

Grilled Cheese Donut with Bananas and Gouda at Tom + Chee. DearKidLoveMom.comDear Ki

Love, Mom