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Taking The Kid Back To School Day

Dear Kid,

Dear Kid, Have a great semester! We love you. A LOT. Love, Mom. DearKidLoveMom.comOnce again it is Taking You Back To School Day, and once again I am conflicted.

Most of me is so proud of everything you’re doing in college. You are turning out to be an incredible person and a wonderful man.

A part of me is sad that you’re leaving. We never seem to have you home long enough. As I tweeted the other day, Fact: it is a wonderful thing when you genuinely like your kids. And we genuinely like you and enjoy having you around. We miss you when you’re gone (not so much the part where you torture your sister, but still).

An even smaller part of me just wants to grab another cup of coffee and hide under a blanket pretending today isn’t happening. Can’t say I’m particularly proud of that part of me, but it’s there.

Have a great semester, kiddo. We love you very much.

Love, Mom

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Finishing Summer Homework and That French Singer

Dear Kid,

Happy Back to School-- DearKidLoveMom.comThe completion of Pi’s summer homework last night went something like this.

Pi: What was the name of that singer?
Me: What singer?
Puppy: I know!
Pi: The French one
Puppy: I know! I know!
Me: What French one?
Pi: And she died
Me: Recently?
Pi: No
Puppy: I know! I know! I know!
Me: You do not know
Puppy: Of course not, I’m a dog
Pi: And she sang
Me: Singers tend to do that
Pi: What was her name?!
Me: No clue
Puppy: Can I have a treat?
Pi and Me (simultaneously): No
Puppy: (sigh)
Me: What kind of music?
Pi: Opera. What was her Name???? I really want to write about her
Me: Why don’t you Google it?
Pi: Google what? I don’t know her NAME!
Puppy: I want a google
Me: French opera singer
Pi: That’s ridiculous. See? How could—hey! Edith Piaf! I knew that!
Puppy: I knew that too. But no one asked me
Me: Of course you did. You’re brilliant
Puppy: Now can I have a treat?
Pi and Me (simultaneously): No
Puppy: Can I have a google?
Me: You may have a tummy rub
Pi: What?
Me: Not you
Puppy: Yay!


Happy First Day of School, Pi!


Love, Mom


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Heading Back to College | The Good and the…

We miss you when you're gone. DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

Well, it’s cold. Seriously cold. But amazingly, I am tired of whining about the weather. (Either that or my brain has been frozen solid which is more likely.)

Hopefully, by the time we take you back to college this weekend the vortex will have moved on and winter will have returned to its usually scheduled program so we don’t get frostbite moving you into the dorm.

I’ve been thinking about taking you back to school. The good news is that it isn’t any harder than taking you the first time. The unfortunate news is that it isn’t any easier.

Partly we miss you when you’re not here. You’ve done an excellent job of holding down the couch (just in case gravity stops working). You’re fun to hang out with. And (as Auntie M has pointed out) you’re snuggalicious.

Partly we worry about you. Not a lot, but some. It’s our job after all. You know so much more than you did in August and yet there is still so much more for you to learn (both in and out of the classroom). It’s fabulous that you’re on your own and making good decisions. But we still worry a little.

Partly it’s tough to see you grow up. Once upon a time you were completely dependent on us. Even though that only lasted about 20 minutes, it’s difficult to see you moving into adulthood. It’s exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and exactly what we raised you to do—but that doesn’t make it easy.

Partly it’s exciting to see you trying new things and meeting new people. But it’s a little hard not hearing about it. It’s a little hard that you have lots of friends that we’ll probably never meet. It’s wonderful, but it’s hard.

We are so proud of you, Kid. But we miss you when you’re not here. Stay in touch, ok?

Love, Mom

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