Dear Kid,

It’s Hump Day which in some circles would mean it’s Camel Day but today it’s Penguin Day.

Not Batman-type penguins, but flying-through-the-sea, waddling-across-the-ice, bringing-a-pebble-to-your-mate type penguins.

These penguins in these photos live at the Newport Aquarium (I told you I was going to talk about them).

The fun facts are courtesy of My Friend the Internet.

Some penguins can hold their breath up to 7 minutes. Other penguins can hold their breath even longer. You shouldn’t try that. Gentoos can dive down 655 feet without SCUBA gear. You shouldn’t try that either. Mostly because you’re not a penguin.

Penguins at the Newport Aquarium.

Penguins have excellent hearing and can hear their mate call them from several miles away. However, when asked to take out the trash, they become instantly deaf. Kind of like human teenagers.

Most penguins can swim faster than you can.

Penguins at the Newport Aquarium.

To keep from overheating, penguins pant like dogs to cool off. Dogs consider this the highest form of flattery.

Penguins at the Newport Aquarium.

A group of young penguin chicks is called a “crèche.” A group of penguins in the water is called a “raft.” A group of penguins on land is called a “waddle.” (Guess which one is my favorite?)

Love, Mom

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This is a bonus picture of the rainbow chameleon that lives at the aquarium. I included the photo because how could I not?

Rainbow chameleon Newport Aquarium