Dear Kid,

What's on Trend | High Fives and Fanny Packs DearKidLoveMom.comIt happened twice yesterday. Twice. Which means it might be a trend.

Twice (did I mention it was two times?) I held up my hand in the classic stop-traffic position (intending to stop someone in the hall to ask a question) and instead (twice) I got a high five. I was baffled.

Not that I don’t appreciate a high five. But it was not what I was expecting.

“That wasn’t supposed to be a high five,” I said to the second person, “that was supposed to be a ‘STOP—I have question.’”

“No, no,” he said, “‘STOP’ looks like this.” He waved both hands around.

I stared at him blankly. “Have you ever seen a police officer wave both hands around like this?” I mimicked his hand motions.


“Fair enough,” he said.

So maybe it’s not a trend.

Speaking of trends, I have it on good authority that fanny packs are back on trend at college campuses.

Love, Mom