Dear Kid,

Today is Father’s Day.

What is your idea of the best Father's Day gift? DearKidLoveMom.comI’ve thought about Father’s Day a lot over the years. I’ve considered whether it is a “Hallmark Holiday”—one of those faux holidays created primarily to sell cards and beer.

I’ve related the history of Father’s Day (not Hallmark).

I’ve wondered whether Father’s Day is redundant because we should Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother every day not just on a Sunday in June.

This year, I’ve decided that Father’s Day is Important. Yes, we should honor and respect and even occasionally talk to our parents all year. But sometimes we take Dads for granted. Sometimes we forget to tell them how important they are to us. Sometimes we assume that when we say “Hi Dad” they magically know that means “You are the best dad ever and I love you.”

We know how important it is to us that they were at the game we lost, but we don’t always remember to tell Dad how much it meant.

We know how important it is to us that they listened to a rambling story and tried to keep up with all the participants, but we generally get frustrated that they confuse the two Bens in the story and forget to tell them we appreciate their interest.

We know how important it is to us that they sat through hours of band concerts when they could have been doing something (anything!) else. But we never remember to say Thanks for Coming to My Concert.

We know how proud they are of us, no matter what we do. But we forget to tell them how proud we are of all they have done, for us and for others.

So I’ve decided this year that Father’s Day is important. It’s a reminder to tell Dad how much he means, how wonderful he is, and how much we love him.

(I love you, Daddy!)

Love, Mom