Father’s Day, Choosing College Classes, and Baking Strudel

Nothing you learn is ever wasted. –A Sage

Dear Kid,

Once upon a time, there was a Dad. This was way back before he turned into a grandpa and learned how to lie on the floor and let you feed him Cheerios.

He was a pretty good Dad, and despite the fact that I was a teenager and he was my father I listened to him more than I let on.

One of the things he once said was “Nothing you learn is ever wasted.” The learning may not always be tons of fun. (Oh, that’s how gravity works.) It may not always be immediately obvious how or when you will use a piece of information. (Who is ever going to ask me about strudel?)  You may even roll your eyes when you hear a fact-let. (Whatever, Mother.)

I’m sure there are scientific-types who would point out that every time you learn something synapses in your brain develop and your brain becomes more powerful. I’m not one of those people, so I won’t point that out.

I’m sure there are bakers and strudel aficionados who would point out that learning about strudel is always a good thing. I certainly agree that going along for a taste test would be fun, but that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

I bring this up because we are approaching Choosing Your Classes for Next Year deadlines. I get that as a freshman, there are limited options. You’ll need to take all sorts of intro classes and pre-reqs and freshman requirements. For all I know, you won’t have any options at all first semester.

But college learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. As you hear a professor go off on a tangent, don’t get impatient to get back to the subject matter. When a friend tells you about a class they are taking in a totally unrelated field, listen. When you have the opportunity to attend a random event, go.

When you have the choice to pick classes not directly related to your major, consider the breadth of options. Find something that sounds fun. Choose to be a well-educated human.

It may not be immediately obvious how or when you’ll use American Sign Language or Secrets to Baking Strudel or Philosophies of the French Impressionists. That’s ok. Learning is good, and it’s never wasted. Besides, you might get to taste great strudel.

Happy Father’s Day,

Love, Mom


  1. Concidence – this blog was posted on my birthday and I was a Sage in my maiden days. Love your posts.

    • Thanks so much–and Happy, Happy Birthday!


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