Dear Kid,

Not sure if you’ve got the latest Calendar Update, but September is Better Breakfast Month.

What's your favorite grab-it-quick breakfast? DearKidLoveMom.comAs you know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. (Except for brunch. I adore brunch. Brunch is mostly breakfast on steroids.) Breakfast is wonderful no matter what time of day it shows up.

I like breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Cold pizza at 8am is fabulous. Chocolate is good for breakfast. Pancakes are good for dinner.

I don’t know who invented Better Breakfast Month but I like them. One of the great things about Better Breakfast Month is it doesn’t come with a definition of “Better.”

There are some people (and by “people” I mean websites) that say that “better” means “healthy.” IMO, there is nothing at all wrong with a healthy breakfast. But there’s also nothing wrong with a completely unhealthy breakfast every now and then.

Skipping breakfast is a terrible idea. Breakfast the most important meal of the day (all 12 months). It gets your body and brain going. In college, it’s important to bring your brain with you; it helps if your brain is awake when you take it to class.

Coffee is a good start to breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and the 3pm coffee break), but it is an insufficient way to launch the day. Getting going requires real food. Like oatmeal. Or leftover pizza.

Even when you’re running late (which is pretty much the definition of most days in college, yes?).

What is your favorite running-to-class breakfast?

Love, Mom