Dear Kid,

Big news! America’s Got Talent is back for the 10th season.

RAndom image to celebrate the new season of America's Got Talent. #AGTWhich is fantastic news if you happen to adore America’s Got Talent (which I do).

But (did you guess that there was a BUT coming?) the director/producer type people need to do a better job (and by “do a better job” I mean do it my way).

So I hope it’s ok with you if I take a moment to address those fine folk.

Dear Director-Producer Type People on America’s Got Talent,

We love the judges and we enjoy hearing them. A little. Not a lot. But a little is good.

And when there is a bad act, it’s fine to see them grimacing.

But (did you guess there was a BUT coming?), when there is a great act, we want to see the act, not the judges, not the audience, just the act. Let us enjoy. You can show us a clip of the judges being dazzled later. Preferably much later.

Thank you.

The moral is: if you are a Director-Producer Type, think about what your audience actually wants to see.

Love, Mom