Dear Kid,

We’ve now established that there really isn’t anything good about not having a washing machine (except for fab friend Joshua who is looking for a reason to learn how to do laundry in a stream with a rock. Or so he says. But his washing machine is functional, so he may be exaggerating a wee bit.).

In case you weren’t sure, I can now also report that there really isn’t anything good about going washing machine shopping.

I had hoped to walk into the Washing Machine Store, glance around, see the big sign (with an arrow) that said “This Is Your Washing Machine and We’ll Deliver It Tomorrow”, hand over a credit card, and go about my day.

It didn’t work out that way.

Six stores, 4 phone calls, 500 texts, three hours, and 2 cups of coffee later, no decision. But after dinner last evening, Dad and I ordered a washer and dryer. And bought suet for the birds.

The machines won’t be here until Thursday; the birds will be fed later today. And Pi has already lined up some of her friends’ moms to do laundry because she can’t possibly go almost a week without clean clothes.

If you think she doesn’t have a large enough wardrobe, you’d be wrong. If you think she takes crazy good care of her clothes, you’d be wrong. If you think her soccer uniform needs to be washed before playoffs and she can talk people into doing all sorts of things including doing her laundry, you’d have hit the proverbial nail right on its proverbial noggin.

The Puppy is fine with not having his linens washed for a few days. In fact, he says he prefers it that way.

Do not ask if I am thrilled with the new washer and dryer we’ve chosen. Do not ask if my heart is going pitter-pat with anticipation of having new appliances. The answer would not be enlightening. Nor would it set a good example, although you might learn some new words. It’s a washing machine and dryer, not a piece of jewelry or a great pair of shoes.

I’m considering following Joshua’s example and finding a good rock.

Love, Mom