Dear Kid,

It snowed the other day here.

That’s not big news since it snowed pretty much everywhere including on several tropical islands.

Tal was absolutely beside herself (which is difficult) seeing snow for the first time. She loved seeing the puppy’s paw prints in the snow—too cute.

Speaking of the puppy, he went nose first. During the early morning hours, a deer had crossed in front of the house and gone down the driveway. Booker stopped to sniff each hoof print, run a DNA analysis, and file the information. I’m sure it was all very accurate, but there were a lot of hoof prints, so the process took a while.

I wonder what he thinks when he does all that sniffing.

“I wasn’t just sniffing. I was securing the perimeter.”

I thought about asking how his nose could secure the perimeter, but then decided perhaps it was better not to inquire.

By this morning, most of the remaining snow had turned to ice (due to the melting and refreezing action of pressure from tires—see the things I remember from high school physics?). The ice did not please our furry friend who attempted to solve the problem by walking without any of his feet touching the ground.

Of course, trying to levitate took most of his attention so he wasn’t getting around to doing the things a puppy goes outside in the morning to do.

Finally we discovered an actual bit of grass where said business could be attended to and the Great Blockage of 2014 was avoided.

Hope you’ve thawed somewhat by now.

Love, Mom