Dear Kid,

It’s almost turkey time!

Which means it’s time to think about food. And that means lots of questions.

What do you mean "We're having turkey?" Go vegan! Dessert, pie, potatoes, veggies, Yum. Thanksgiving. DearKidLoveMom.comTurkey? Absolutely. That one’s easy.

Potatoes? Of course. But which kind? Sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes? And if sweet potatoes, with marshmallows or pecan streusel?

Cranberry sauce? Yes, but smooth or chunky?

Stuffing? Well, duh. My fave. No real questions here because I’m making it with corn bread and lots of veggies and without sausage because me.

Gravy? Probably. Hoping to make it without icky lumps or a flour aftertaste.

Rolls? Some kind of bread. Unless we decide we have too many carbs. But it’s Thanksgiving, so….what the heck.

Corn pudding? I love corn pudding, but since we’re having corn bread based stuffing maybe not.

Salad? Quite possibly. If for no other reason than it will be nice to have salad already made on the day after Thanksgiving.

Veggies? Yes. Because we love veggies. And because that will alleviate all the guilt around dessert.

So many types of few numbers on the scale....Thanksgiving food. DearKidLoveMom.comDessert? Is that even a real question? Of course!!! It’s practically the law, right? But what kind? Pumpkin pie? No, I think I’ll put some pumpkin in with the sweet potatoes. What about something chocolate? Love chocolate. But tradition is more apple-y. I’m thinking my favorite apple crumble sort of pie thing. (It really needs a better name.)

Beverages? Water, beer, wine, Diet Coke, Diet Sprite Cranberry (yep, fall fave), coffee, tea. Did I miss anything?

Football? But of course!

And the most important part? Family and friends.

I can’t wait.

Love, Mom