Dear Kid,

Fate looked over the rim of her mug of herbal tea. “I’m in a particularly good mood,” she said.

“I’m not,” said Payback.

Kismet shrugged and went on playing with her beaded necklace.

Dear Kid, So proud of you. Love, Mom. DearKidLoveMom.comDestiny asked, “For any particular reason?”

Destiny’s Child said, “I feel like singing,” and began humming ‘Independent Woman.’ No one paid any attention.

Luck wandered in. “Should we intervene?” she asked in her most ladylike voice.

“Well I don’t think we should leave it to Chance,” said Fate taking another sip.

“But who?” Karma wanted to know.

Expectation poured a cup of hot coffee. “How about The Kid?” she said.

“Billy?” said Doom, “Dealt with him years ago.”

“Not that Kid,” said Fortune speaking up for the first time. “The other one.”

“Please, not the only Kid,” grumbled Plenty, “Enough already.”

Fate said, “I was thinking about The Kid.”

“But?” asked Happy Accident tripping over a chair. Destiny’s Child immediately started writing jokes about the situation.

Kismet answered, “He hardly seems to need our help.”

Luck said, “He’s practiced. He’s prepared. He’s already met Opportunity.”

Fate pouted. “What about just a little nudge?”

“Not at all necessary,” said Karma with a certain amount of finality. “But if you’re bored, there’s an election we can talk about…” Payback smiled. Even Fate grinned a little as she sipped her tea.

Love, Mom