Dear Kid,

It’s Star Wars Day.

We’ve talked about Star Wars Day (which is to say I’ve talked and you’ve read). And after careful research (and by “research” I mean I had a cup of coffee), I can confidently say there are no more interesting yet sufficiently non-obscure facts about SW for me to talk about (if you want insanely obscure, you’ll have to do your own research).

May the Fourth Be With You. Happy Star Wars Day! DearKidLoveMom.comHaving nothing Star Wars related to write about, I turned on the TV and found the Big Bang Theory episode with James Earl Jones talking about Star Wars. (I kid you not. It was on. And it was an episode I’d not seen before. Win-win.) I didn’t learn anything particularly new about Star Wars, but I did enjoy myself.

Then my brain took a left turn (and I went along for the ride). I started thinking ‘May The Fifth Be With You.’ I thought ‘I wonder what they were drinking in the bar in Star Wars.’ And then I thought ‘But if we’re going to be drinking a fifth of something on May the fifth it should probably be tequila. Which makes me a day early for Cinco de Mayo.’ Then I thought ‘I probably shouldn’t have had that last cup of coffee.’

Have you ever read a really good book and raced through it because you couldn’t put it down only to be disappointed at the end because you finished it? And then you find out there’s a sequel and you’re so happy you jump around in little circles? And fly out the door to purchase the sequel which you then read all in one sitting because it’s so good but then you’re finished and you’re just so sad it’s over? Star Wars will never be over. They are going to keep making Star Wars movies until the technology is so advanced that we will all have movie chips implanted in our brains.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope the story telling remains exceptional.

I’ve got a good feeling about this. (See what I did there? Extra points if you get it.)

May the Fourth Be With You.

Love, Mom