FC Cincinnati: Fact vs. Fcition

Dear Kid,

Yesterday, 18,214 of my closest friends and I went to the FC Cincinnati game. It was my first pro soccer game, so I’m celebrating.

We had a great time at the FC Cincinnati Soccer match. DearKidLoveMom.com

Soccer game? Soccer match? I’m still learning. But either way, we had a great time.

As always, I think it’s important to separate fact from fiction (so I’m labeling things).

Fact: FC Cincinnati is the world’s best professional soccer team. Because I live here. And went to a game. Enough said.

Fact: Their colors are blue and orange. This makes it reasonably easy to go from a soccer game to a football game. Or should I say, from a football game to a football game.

Fact: FC stands for Football Club. I learned that yesterday. Don’t make fun of me for not knowing. There are (undoubtedly) others who don’t know.

Fact: We won!

Fact: It was awesome seeing the look on #11 Danni König’s face after he scored. Priceless. Meant we absolutely sat in the right seats.

Fact: Tickets are affordable. (See: World’s Best Professional Soccer Team.)

Fiction: I look good in orange. Not so much. But I can wear blue, so no problem.

Fact: Mitch-the-Goalkeeper did a great job. Being a Mom-of-Goalie in times past, I say this with confidence. I also think he didn’t have to work too hard which is a HUGE compliment to the defense. (Mitch–hope your eye is OK.)

Fact: The Bailey is where the uber-fans sit. Several fan groups make The Bailey their home, including Die Innenstadt. You didn’t know what Die Innenstadt meant (although you were suitably impressed with my German accent) so, being the kind of mom I am, I looked it up. It means inner city or inner circle. Most Die Innenstadt members are from central Cinci.

Fact: The various fan groups work together to support the team. This is AWESOME and very Cincinnati. (See: World’s Best Professional Soccer Team.)

Fact: Dad ate popcorn. Don’t ask me to explain. I can’t.

Fact: The weather cooperated. Given the weather this spring, I can’t explain that either. But I’m not complaining.

Fact: People at the game were polite. (See: World’s Best Professional Soccer Team.)

Fact: There were no vuvuzelas. #Thankful

Fact: There were talking drums. Love the talking drums.

Fact: While the majority of the FC Cincinnati players are from the US, players also hail from England, Senegal, Denmark, Panama, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Canada, Guam, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, and Spain. We only sang two of their national anthems. (Oh, Canada by a men’s group whose name I didn’t catch was fantastic.)

Fact: People should support FC Cincinnati. Even if they don’t look good in orange.

Fact: I look forward to attending another game.

Love, Mom


  1. Love going to FCC games! I’d for no other reason than the opportunity to chant, “Mitch says NO”!

    • I know, that’s really fun, isn’t it? (And he did say NO!)


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