Dear Kid,

Last night we had dinner at Brown Dog Café (one word: de-li-shus) at their new location in Summit Park.

Being there raised questions about Summit Park which I was embarrassingly unable to answer. So I turned to My Friend the Internet, and am now pleased to provide you with the following information about the latest in Blue Ash projects.

The park is being designed to promote 5 kinds of experiences:

  1. Environment and land preservation. Three cheers and a heart-felt plug for Ohio River Foundation for helping make sure this goes in the right direction.
  2. Community celebrations. Like our famous Red, White, and Blue Ash and the Taste of Blue Ash.
  3. Educational experiences and programming. Remember the Paws in the Park event. That was educational and an experience.
  4. Wellness opportunities. There are yoga classes there. I haven’t been although I’d like to someday. There are also CrossFit classes which I’m going to pretend that I’d like to get to someday. There is also a Farmer’s Market that I really am going to try to figure out how to get to, but mid-day and early evening mid-week is not prime grocery time for me.
  5. Like some of the big concerts that used to be in other parts of the city. And a dog park for the four-legged among us.

I’m not entirely sure where dinner falls in that list. It was delicious, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t health food per se.

I tried to find out more about how they named it, but if there’s info on that they’re hiding it. They are continuing to build out the park and I for one am very excited about it.

Love, Mom