Dear Kid,

Hope you had a good Fourth of July.

Fourth of July Parade, DearKidLoveMom.comDad, Booker, and I went to the Fourth of July parade in Montgomery.

Booker had a great time before the parade being admired by all sorts of small children. Then the parade started and no one paid much attention to him which didn’t make any sense at all.

The parade had the high school band (Go Aves!), the Shriner clowns, the politicians, the Santa band (love those folks), jugglers, more politicians (yes, Micah was there), a walking ice cream cone (adorable), veterans, a dog grooming salon (that threw treats for Booker which improved the entire outing in his estimation), mules (which sent Booker into a frenzy), dogs (ditto), stilt walkers, the sheriff’s bag pipe band, and lots of candy throwing. In other words, exactly what’s supposed to be in a The 4th parade.

The crowd at the parade was a slice of Americana. There were families and dogs and grandparents and one particularly obnoxious man (shape of Large) sitting in an oversized folding chair (complete with a side tray to hold his food) who kept yelling “betcha can’t hit me, betcha can’t hit me, betcha can’t hit me” to the people throwing candy. Embracing the spirit of the day.

According to My Friend the Internet, there were lots of parades all across America this weekend, and even MFtI isn’t sure exactly how many. The vast majority are rather similar to ours. Which is just fine by me.

Happy Birthday, America!

Love, Mom