cement handprintDear Kid,

I didn’t do a very good job of documenting the cement pouring yesterday. Allow me to correct that.

First of all, our side of the planet is now heavier by 150 pounds and none of it has anything to do with my enjoyment of Oreos. Yup, Dad and Pi poured 150 lbs of cement.

Then someone got the bright idea (insert sparkling light bulb icon) of putting our hand prints in the cement before it dried. There were several reasons this might not have been the best idea of the day:

  1. You people are no longer in single digits with adorably small paw prints. You now have impossibly large handprints that require you to squish your digits to fit in the cement-y space.
  2. When everyone was available in the morning, we didn’t have enough cement. Once enough cement had been procured, everyone had scattered on various shopping and napping projects, meaning that the only time for immortalizing our prints was after dinner. Do you know who else is out after dinner? Mosquitoes. Large, ravenous mosquitoes. Large, aggressive, ravenous, unkind, biting mosquitoes who believe that with only one or two (or perhaps three) more meals they will be large enough to compete with helicopters for airspace.
  3. Doggies do not get the concept of sticking their paws into squishy cement for human amusement. And washing off that little paw with cold water? Talk about adding insult to injury.
  4. The cement didn’t really like the idea of holding hand (or paw) prints which made the whole thing even more difficult.

Did I mention the cement is going to be covered with several inches of soil once it’s dry?

countdown to college move in 9 daysThe longest lasting imprint is going to be the bite the King of the Bloody Mosquitoes managed to land right in the center of my back.

I do not even want to contemplate exactly how that happened.

This is another reason I believe wildlife should be outside and not in our house. If yesterday’s spider had been out doing his job eating mosquitoes, I might not currently be yearning for a bucket of anti-itch cream.

A little to the left, please.

Love, Mom