Dear Kid,

TwoLittleBoys have moved in across the street. Their parents have moved in with them, but they are peripheral to the story. It’s the TwoLittleBoys who are important (as little boys often are).

The Puppy is delighted and half in love with the TwoLittleBoys. I think it has something to do with them being about his size. And that they think he is marvelous since they don’t have a dog of their own. (Can I get an Awwwww.)

This morning, Dad and the Puppy went across the street where the whole family was busy working on landscaping. The landscaping drew Dad; the leash and the TwoLittleBoys drew the Puppy.

By the time I fell out of bed and thudded downstairs for coffee, Dad was preaching about bushes and the TwoLittleBoys were treating the Puppy like the royalty he is.

I took my coffee outside and sat on the front porch. Dad was the first to notice me, and he came home to sit with me and say good morning. (There are a lot of opportunities for you to say “Awwww” in this story). The boys went into their house to fetch the Puppy a dish of water. Without his adoring audience to distract him, the Puppy began to sniff around.

He (the Puppy) realized I was outside and began to trot home. The DadAcrossTheStreet realized what was going on and lunged for the leash as a car came roaring around the curve. Collision avoided. Car went on its way (with more than one dirty look floating along after it), Puppy pulled on the leash and came barreling over to say good morning and tell me about TwoLittleBoys.

Meanwhile, the TwoLittleBoys had fetched their bowl of water and carefully carried it outside. Dad let the Puppy say good morning to me and then took our baby back to the TwoLittleBoys so he could partake of their offering.

Everyone was ecstatic. Squealing and petting ensued.

Later, after the Puppy came home to take his rightful place napping in the sun and Dad and I were weeding (Part 9,873), I caught Dad staring across the street.

The DadAcrossTheStreet was sitting with one of the TwoLittleBoys and they were weeding. Or co-weeding. It was adorable. Dad was obviously remembering you at that age.

Can I get an Awwww…

Love, Mom