Dear Kid,

Several many months About a year ago, Sometime in the past, I found an article in the paper about a man who had written an email to his college-age child(ren) every day while they were away at school. It was a lovely article and when I shared it with you, you said, “Will you do that for me?” in a tone of voice that I interpreted to mean “Please?”

Since I do my best

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never to refuse reasonable requests–especially ones that let me do what I was planning to do all along–I humbly agreed. But I am writing this in a blog format; it’s up to you whether you check in regularly or sign up for email notification when there’s a new post. Or both if you’re feeling the need for a double dose of Mom.

I am going to do my best to post daily. If I miss a day here or there it has nothing to do with you, it’s probably due to a fierce battle with the dust dragons under the couch or something.

Wishing you many wonderful things at college. You’re amazing,

Love, Mom