Dear Kid,

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Studies show that the vast majority of people who make NYRs break them before they recover from their New Year’s Eve induced hangover.


For 2016, I resolve

To drink more water. How I will measure this is completely unclear since I have no idea how much water I drank in 2015. But I’m committed to trying up my dihydrogen monoxide intake (yeah, I just really wanted to say dihydrogen monoxide).

To spend more time with friends. Not sure how I’ll do that since it is just plain HARD to make 24 hours a day stretch to 27 or so. But I’m committed to trying.

To brush the puppy more often. I know how to do that one (take brush in one hand and puppy in the other…), but I’m not sure exactly what it will accomplish since shedding is his primary occupation.

To drink less coffee. (Not really. But it looks impressive on the list so I’ll leave it there a little longer.)

To get more sleep. See above comment about figuring out how to get more hours into the day. But maybe I can give up a few hours of TV in order to get some additional shut eye.

To start AND FINISH a crafts project. Starting is no problem. Finishing could be a bit of a sticky wicket.

To keep the kitchen counters free of clutter. Yep. Right after I give up coffee and bad TV.

Perhaps I’d better rethink this list.

Love, Mom