You’ve Never Seen a Boot Like This

Dear Kid,

There’s a boot!

Not just a boot, a BootMobile. An enormous, drivable, boot. (And I so love weird stuff like this.)

LL Bean (of Maine fame) is coming to Cincinnati, and ahead of its arrival they sent the boot. How could we not go check it out?

LL Bean bootmobile! Get ready for social media.

Especially because I have a pair of LL Bean Duck Boots that are older (a lot older) than you are.

LL Bean bootmobile! Get ready for social media.

Bean Boots were first made in 1911 which makes them older (a lot older) than you. Leon Leonwood Bean (you always wondered what the L.L. stood for didn’t you) got cold toes while hunting. Which isn’t surprising since he lived in Freeport, Maine, and it’s always cold there. He convinced a local cobbler to make him a pair of boots using rubber soles from rainboots and leather from leather boots, and voila! the boot (the boot mobile came later).

Love, Mom


  1. I love crazy stuff like this, too! And I am glad to know what LL stands for, especially since it is such an odd thing. Thanks for the fun facts today!

    • Glad you enjoyed! What’s your fave weird thing to see?

      • Drew a blank. Love to see all the crazy sculptures and art people do. Food art. Crazy vehicles? Sure. Anything. It’s all fun when people get creative!


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