Dear Kid,

I almost hate to mention it (in case you might be moved to celebrate). Today is National Speak Like Yoda Day.

Like it, I do.

“Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.” – YodaBut like it all day, I do not.

Meanwhile, in 2012, researchers discovered a new type of acorn worm (in case you weren’t sure, acorn worms live in the ocean, about a mile and a half deep).

And I quote: Yoda purpurata or “purple Yoda.” The reddish-purple acorn worm … has large lips on either side of its head region that reminded researchers of the floppy-eared Stars Wars character Yoda.

Who knew that worms had “head regions”?

And who woulda thunk scientists would be dumb enough to call Yoda “floppy-eared”?

Until 2012, the Yoda worm had been hiding and leaving crop-circle shaped poop on the ocean floor to puzzle scientists. (It’s important to keep scientists busy.) Now they’re leaving poop openly.

But back to the real Yoda.

At one point, Yoda was going to be blue. Since that would be wrong, they changed it. Even though it’s not easy being green.

Yoda lived to be exactly 900 years old. That is older than you.

There is a lot of mystery around Yoda. No one knows what planet he’s from, what his favorite color is, or whether he had a sense of humor when he was younger.

Enjoy the day, I hope you do.

Love, Mom