Dear Kid,

Best anniversary present ever: Having my Kid home from college for a whole week.

Happy March 1st and Happy Spring Break. (Although it’s hard to see how something that happens when it is this cold could possibly be called “spring.” Maybe pre-spring?)

Speaking of which, if you want to get anything done outside the house this weekend, I suggest going today because the Weather Forecasters (and we know how I feel about weather forecasters) are saying that Winter Storm Titan is bringing Ice-maggeddon to our area Sunday and Monday.

My plan for Sunday is to curl up like a little chipmunk on the couch with blankets and a cup of tea and to watch important TV like NCIS and America’s Next Top Model. You are more than welcome to join me with your beverage of choice.

The Titans (before we were supposed to Remember them–extra points if you get the reference) were the original Greek head honchos of mythology. They were immortal (and often immoral) giant god-type beings ruled by Cronus and Rhea (they were brother and sister and also royal consorts).

The next generation is a little (and by “little” I mean a “little”) better known. There are the nine Muses, Atlas (who holds up the world and looks darn good doing it), and Prometheus (who got on Zeus’ bad side by stealing fire from the gods to give to mankind).

It is worth noting that Prometheus was punished for stealing fire by being chained to a rock and having his liver eaten out daily by an eagle. This makes any Look you might be given by your mother pale in comparison, but don’t push it.

Remember the TitansThe Titans had a good run for a while (certainly good enough for them to become mascots of many teams) but eventually they were overthrown by the Olympians (Zeus and company) and banished to Tartarus, where there was plenty of fish sauce but no toothbrushes. Don’t ask me why Zeus (who was the son of Cronus and Rhea) is not considered a Titan Part II like his cousins, but he’s not.

Love, Mom

Remember the Titans (2000) is the movie about the integration of a high school football team. True story. Fabulous movie. Worth renting.