Love you, Kiddo DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

I was very busy watching NCIS and CSI: Miami last night (yup, I was watching the Rerun But Still Good channel).

Aside from commercials for really bad movies (The Lego Movie) and worse TV (Marriage Bootcamp), I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Somewhere in the 16 hours of commercials, it occurred to me that there is a commonality between “reality” TV, TV dramas, soap operas, and many other TV shows.

TV families (and I’m using a very loose definition of “families”) are looney. Relationships are all interconnected (otherwise there would be too many characters to keep track of everyone) and they are all dysfunctional (with an emphasis on the “dys”).

Even Gibbs The Amazing has a dicey relationship with his dad and has been married about 100 times.

Which is why we won’t become rich and famous by starring in our own reality show. We love and respect each other (and no one has married their cousin or murdered their step mother who turned out to be their long lost sister).

Who wants to watch an hour of me editing blogs, cooking dinner, and joking around good naturedly with kids I adore? There just isn’t enough dra-ma.

And that’s just fine with me.

Love you, kiddo.

Love, Mom