Dear Kid,

There I was, happily working, typing away (I was once told I type mistakes per minute faster than almost anyone else) when a small notice popped up on the corner of my laptop. It said something about the HP not working which I assumed meant that the laptop couldn’t find the old printer (we just switched printers recently) so I did the only reasonable thing and ignored the message.

Isn’t that the right way to approach all technology problems? Keep working and hope they go away.

Hi Friend! Puppy Conversations.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but it was dang cute.

The next morning, the message popped up again.

Dang, my strategy didn’t work.

More importantly, my laptop wasn’t charging. Even I know that’s not good. So I paid attention to the message and discovered it was talking about my charging cord.

Really not good.

After teaching the puppy a few new unprintable words, I unplugged my useless cord, threw it in the car, and after work I zipped over to Microcenter to purchase a replacement.

Drive home, walk dog, plug in computer, feed dog, contemplate dinner, open computer, and discover that the charger isn’t working and the same awful message is popping up.

Freak out.

Spend 8 minutes 34 seconds on hold imagining that I will have to spend $1,000 to buy a new laptop.

Hang up on “hold” and freak out again.

Throw cord, packaging, and laptop in a bag and drive over to Microcenter so I can freak out in person.

Fortunately, Geoff the Microcenter Guy was kind, patient, and adept. Which is to say he didn’t let my  freak out get in the way of reality and he solved all the world’s problems (and by “all the world’s problems” I mean he convinced the charger-thing to charge the laptop. Yay and hallelujah!

Buying a new charger cord is so much better than having to buy a whole new laptop.

Whew! And thank you, Geoff.

Love, Mom