What’s This I Hear About College Graduations?

Dear Kid,

It turns out people are graduating from college. This isn’t actually a surprise.

Take 2: It turns out people I know are graduating from college. Nope, that’s not quite right either.

Take 3: It turns out that people who are supposed to still be in shorts and really high pigtails (and who aren’t even old enough to go to Middle School) are graduating from college. Nailed it.

What's This I Hear About College Graduations? DearKidLoveMom.comObviously there is a problem with the time/space continuum.

As in—people are growing up!

This is (obviously) wrong because I haven’t aged a day.

The mirror and my driver’s license are in cahoots. Doesn’t make it reality.

I must do some serious thinking about this…

Love, Mom


  1. And to think that the graduates have parents whose children are graduating…it’s crazy!

    • Which child that isn’t old enough to be in middle school and yet is graduating from college did you think I was talking about….

  2. Those parents can’t imagine that any if it is possible. And yes, I guessed!


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