Dear Kid,

Well, it’s about time, dontcha think?

It has taken weeks of discussion (and by “discussion” I mean conversation, debate, begging, cajoling, wheedling, sweet talking, tête-à-têtes, and only slightly veiled threats) but Dad and I have finally decided to get another puppy.

We’ll be able to bring him home next week near the end of the week. He’s a little guy right now, but we expect he’ll grow to about 40 pounds. I’m hoping he won’t get any bigger than that—although one never knows, do one?

He’s a pit bull mix of who knows what but a little smaller in the chest that most pits. At least, we think so. We’re not exactly pit bull experts and he’s still a baby, so it’s hard to know.
Isn't he cute?

His coloring is light brown and we’re still working on a name. I was thinking of Coffee or Latte or Caramel, but I’m open to suggestions. Thoughts?


I mean besides saying, “Happy April Fool’s Day, Mom”?

Love, Mom

Happy April Fool's Day.