Dear Kid,

Today’s post is called Booker Bounding Through the Snow because it’s snowing and Booker went bounding.

The good news is the snow is big, fat, fluffy flakes and there is almost no wind. Also it’s warmer than it’s been in the last few days, so it is quite beautiful out. If you saw our street in a movie, you wouldn’t think it was realistic. THAT’s how pretty it is outside.

The other news (see how positive I can be?) is that all those snowflakes have ganged up and there are a LOT of them out there.

The snow is deeper than a Booker’s shoulders (and deeper than an entire Booker in places).

But the soft snow and the nice temps meant the boy was twelve kinds of happy and went bounding – porpoise-style – through the front yard. And the side yard. And the neighbor’s driveway. And to the across the street neighbor’s backyard.

And while it was beyond adorable to watch his long ears flap with each bounce, it was less adorable to climb through the snow banks (which are deeper than a mom’s boots) to fetch him.

Las Vegas--Dear Burglars, Don't get excited. I'm the only one going and we have nothing to steal anyway. DearKidLoveMom.comTomorrow I leave for Las Vegas so with luck the snow will not be a problem. (Dear Burglars: Don’t get excited. I’m the only one going. Everyone else will be home including our vicious attack dog. Also, we have nothing worth stealing.)

Have a great day, kidlet.

Love, Mom