Dear Kid,

Yesterday was Labor Day. Which makes not a lot of sense because so many laborers have the day off. On the plus side, most of those who were working got time and half while still making it home in time for the fireworks.

In a way, today is Labor Day because so many of us are going back to work and classes. So it’s a Tuesday acting like a Monday. Which is confusing.

It probably means I’ll be incredibly confused all week.

Which makes this week like most others (ha ha).

I’m not sure why getting up on Monday’s is more difficult than getting up other days.

I think it’s because we get the opportunity to change our patterns over the weekend. We get to sleep late (which I guess you do on days you don’t have early classes but which for me is a weekend-only luxury) and not set an alarm clock. Which makes the Monday morning BZZZZ that much more jarring.

How to make Mondays (and Tuesdays) better:

  1. An octopus can change the color of its entire body in just three-tenths of a second. This is way faster than you can change outfits. DearKidLoveMom.comDecide what to wear the night before. Yeah, it makes me feel a little junior high, but it helps. For some reason, staring at the closet in the morning is a soul-sucking activity. For reasons I can’t explain, nothing changes no matter how hard I stare and yet I continue to believe that the “right” outfit will magically appear if only I hunt hard enough.
  2. Organize your things. There is never enough time in the morning to find everything you need for the day. It is—on the other hand—incredibly easy just to grab a prepacked bag and zoom out the door.
  3. Eat breakfast. Give your body and mind the fuel they need to get you through the morning.

Come to think of it, this is a good list for making every day a better day.

Hope your Monday Tuesday is a great day.

Love, Mom