Dear Kid,

You know the Sound of Silence? The one where nothing disturbs a beautiful sleep? The one Simon & Garfunkel sang of so eloquently back in the day? The one that’s supposed to exist on a summer Sunday morning?

We didn’t have it today.

Instead, the Puppy decided to practice his impression of an alarm clock. A very unhappy alarm clock. An alarm clock no one bothered to turn off.

After doing my best to ignore him for a while, I rolled out of bed to see what the catastrophe was. He wagged happily, said good morning politely, and returned to his pillow for a nap. I made coffee.

If I had to guess, I’d say that he was upset about not being invited on the bike ride with Dad and Pi. But since they aren’t here at the moment, I can’t inquire. Because the Puppy isn’t talking.

Have a good Sunday, kiddo.

Love, Mom