Dear Kid,

Orlando is supposed to be the land of magical kingdoms and impeccable service, where the scariest things are oversized mouse ears and tightly controlled rides plunging millions of miles straight down (you must be this tall to ride).

It’s disappointing to learn that there are traffic snarls and garbage trucks and (dare I say it) mosquitoes in Orlando.

It is downright shocking to learn about the shooting that occurred there last night.

Is it me, or are there more shootings in the world than there used to be? Are we getting jaded to mass killings? How is that even possible?

The police and SWAT responded promptly and efficiently according to the news reports I’ve read. I’m glad for that, I really am.

But I’m also horrified.

It’s not OK that we know how to respond to such horrific attacks. They shouldn’t happen and we shouldn’t have to train to contain them.

Medical professionals knew exactly what to do in the situation. Thank heaven they did. But it’s also sad that we think about such things and practice handling massive attacks.

How have we reached a place where hate and violence are so commonplace? Where a normal part of our rhetoric includes intolerance and bigotry?

I’m pretty sure that’s not what this country is supposed to be about. I’m sure it’s not what the Mouse had in mind.

(NOTE: the shooting last night had nothing to do with any of the parks or resorts as far as anyone knows at this point.)

Our hearts and prayers go out those affected by last night’s shooting and by any acts of hatred and terrorism.

Love (and a bit of sadness), Mom