Dear Kid,

I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. For me, I mean. For you, it’s (probably) entirely uninteresting.

You may have heard that I have a Fitbit. And that I adore it and all its purple-ness. It makes me (yes, makes me) walk farther than I otherwise would. It tracks all sorts of interesting things. And all in all it makes me Most Happy.

But as the worlds of technology and retail and purple are wont to do, things are a-changin’.

By which I mean there are New Fitbits about to be available. And they have some pretty cool features.

Like being able to change watch-band colors (not everything goes with purple—almost everything, but not everything).

And a bigger display so you can see more stuff about yourself, including reminders to get up off your duff and move for crying out loud (not so important for you, but very important for those of us who stare at a screen all day).

But here’s the really, ultra-cool part. The new Charge tells you how (un)fit you are by estimating your VO2 Max. And—this is so freakin’ amazing I can’t stand it—the new Charge has Guided Breathing Sessions. Yep. Wrist-led meditation. I think I’m in love and it’s not even out yet.

Am I going to buy one? Of course not. My current Fitbit (purple) works just fine and I don’t happen to have spare chunk of change lying around for it (I checked the couch cushions to be sure).

But I am going to sigh after it for a while.

And pretend I’m breathing.

Love, Mom