Dear Kid,

The Editorial Board met and decisions have been made.

The Editorial Board Met and Decisions Have Been Made DearKidLoveMom.comTo be clear, I am the Editorial Board and I always talk to myself, so having a Meeting wasn’t exactly an event. More of a continuum of thought.

And making a decision of this magnitude was less a single episode and more something I’ve been sneaking up on for a while.

But I have finally decided. And by announcing it, the decision becomes formal.

DearKidLoveMom will no longer publish on weekends. We are reinventing ourselves to a Monday through Thursday communication. (Tiny print: Except in extreme circumstances where I can’t help myself.)

Why? Because.

You are approaching a new phase in your education by heading off to an internship. Which means I am heading off to a new phase of mom-ing. So I’m gifting myself a break.

This is (probably) the last weekend post for DearKidLoveMom.

I love you, Kiddo. Have a good weekend.

Love, Mom