calendar keep yourself healthyDear Kid, 

When you are young, by which I mean your age, The Future seems far, far away. As you get older, by which I mean sometime after age 30, you begin to realize that you only get one body and that not every boo-boo can be healed with a band-aid and a kiss.

But at 18 or 20 or 26 that is an almost incomprehensible concept.

Here are some reasons for taking care of yourself.

Dorothy Custer at 102 years old is the oldest person to base jump.

96-year old legally blind skydiver Julian Tandem skydiving for the 1st time.

Whether you want to skydive for your 105th birthday, learn to hang glide with your great great grandchild, or be the world’s oldest scuba diver, you’ll need to take your body along.

So be careful. Take care of yourself. Don’t assume you are invincible.

You’re the only you we have.

Love, Mom