Dear Kid,

You are important and you matter to us. We love you very much. DearKidLoveMom.comI saw a weird post on Facebook the other day. It said Live, Love, Matter. Huh?

I expected Live, Laugh, Love or something like that. But “matter”?

I’m pretty sure that the article (which I didn’t read) went on to talk about making a difference in the community, the world, the universe.

And there is nothing at all wrong with making a difference at the community or universal level (or any level in between). But there is something terribly wrong with thinking that you have to do something to matter.

Let’s be clear. You matter. You matter to me, you matter to Daddy, you matter to Pi, you matter to lots of other people. The community, the world, the universe are better because you are here.

Make no mistake. You matter. And we love you.

Love, Mom