Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mom
Me: Yes, baby
Puppy: I think that’s a dog
Me: Yes, sweetie, that’s Ricky
Puppy: He’s very small
Me: Yes, he is very small, why don’t you come say hello?
Puppy: I would like to say hello
C: Ricky, darling, I’m not going to feed you to Booker. Say hello nicely
Puppy: It smells like a dog, but it’s a very small bit of fluff

You woke me up from a nap for a photo shoot? DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: I think it’s not a dog
Me: His name is Ricky
Puppy: Ricky is not a dog
Me: I thought you said he smells like a dog?
Puppy (whispering): He’s on the furniture. Dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture
Me: So what do you think Ricky is?
Puppy: I’m not sure. He’s not a moose.
Me: I agree with you there. He is not a moose.
Puppy: And he’s not a cat
Me: True. Definitely not feline
Puppy: He’s either a water buffalo or a purse
Me: What?
Puppy: I’m pretty sure he’s one of those
Me: Stick with being cute

Puppy: I like Ricky the Purse
Me: You decided he’s a purse?
Puppy: Yep, I figured it out because Auntie C carries him all the time.
Me: And that makes him a purse?
Puppy: Well, she wouldn’t be carrying a water buffalo

Puppy: Mom
Me: Yes?
Puppy: I smell food
Me: You always smell food
Puppy: I smell good food
Me: Food always smells good to you
Puppy: I smell THAT food
Me: That’s Ricky’s food
Puppy: I would like some of that food
Me: I understand, but you may not have that food. That food is Ricky’s food
Puppy: But it smells delicious
Me: But it’s not for you. It’s not Booker food
Puppy: That proves he’s not a dog

We had a lovely visit.

Love, Mom

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