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Fitbit, Slugs, and Sloths

Dear Kid,

Don't slander slugs. I took more steps than you did. DearKidLoveMom.comI was a slug on Sunday.

In the past, I would have just assumed I was a slug. Now I have proof positive.

My Fitbit (which I love) made it perfectly clear. It seems I pretty much forgot to move the entire day.

Just to be clear, I was wearing my Fitbit. The entire day. So no way to blame it on forgetting to put it on.

By the time I got to work on Monday, I had more steps than I did the entire day on Sunday.

Then again, our dust dragons took more steps than I did on Sunday. Han Solo took more steps while he was frozen in Carbonite. Our couch took more steps than I did.

BF (Before Fitbit) I would only have been able to guess at the extent of my slugfest. Now I had specific and explicit data to document my slothfulness.

So I had a long conversation with my Fitbit. Fitbit explained (rather succinctly) that slug-ness every now and then wasn’t a bad thing. But please not to make a habit of it.

We didn’t get around to defining “habit.”

Love, Mom

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The Newest in Weight Loss Logic

Dear Kid,

Did I mention the sheer quantity of food I’ve encountered in Dallas? It’s been good, but mostly there’s been an excessive amount of it.

Fortunately, the hotel has a Fitness Center. Well, more Center than fitness. Actually, more Ness than Fit.

It has perfect music—if your idea of great music to work out to is Harry Chapin and elevator jazz.

Despite the now-it’s-working-now-it’s-not aspect of the elliptical, I managed to get a decent workout in.

And by “decent” I mean I burned at least 87 calories.

Did I mention the abundance of food? I figure I ate at least 8,700 calories today. Before we went out for dinner.

So clearly, working out made a huge difference.

I probably lost at least 3 pounds, right?

Love, Mom

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