Dear Kid,

It’s my friend Toby’s fault.

Toby and I haven’t seen each other in some number many a lot of years. But My Friend The Internet helped us re-friend. Ain’t Facebook wonderful?

A few weeks ago, Toby and I played a couple of rounds of Word Crack. Due to my superior Boggle skills, I had a wonderful time playing and winning (also I had practiced).

Last night, this supposed “friend” of mine invited me to play Words on Tour on Facebook.

wordsontourBeing an articulate sort, I instant messaged her “Huh?” followed by “How do you play?”

“It’s like Boggle, but with extra challenges.”

Word Crack rounds last two minutes. So even if you (and by “you” I mean me) play one or two (or five) extra rounds, I can generally escape without losing an entire day.

Not so with Words on Tour. Some of the “How to Play” instructions are clear; some less so (that’s why Toby is winning—and that’s the story I’m sticking with).

Sixteen hours later, I realized my earlobes were cramping up and I hadn’t written One. Single. Word for today’s blog.

I suggested Toby write the blog.

She didn’t answer.

Always said she was smart.

Gotta go now. I ran out of lives on Level 32, but I should be good to go by now.

Love, Mom