Dear Kid,

It snowed last night!

After a winter masquerading as A Week in the Tropics, it actually snowed!

There is something wonderful about waking up to the first snow of winter. Especially if you don’t have to race out to be anywhere.

Watching the Puppy dolphin along on his walk, the snow reaching almost to his shoulders, was (almost) better than coffee as a way to get the day going.

There is something clean and perfect about the first snow of winter. It didn’t snow very much, only about an inch and a half (I have no idea what the official people are saying, that’s just what it looks like to me) and every branch of every bush and tree is outlined perfectly in white. The streets are clear (not sure if it was too warm for the snow to stick or if the we-finally-get-to-play-with-our-trucks! road crews got to work spreading melty stuff, but the entire world was in displayed in black and white. (And a little bit of brown puppy fur.)

The best part about the snow is that I am not required to go anywhere today, and I can glance out the window every now and then and enjoy the pretty without the cold, the wet, or the windchill. Dad will probably go out and enjoy those things for me.

Stay warm, kiddo.

Love, Mom