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Barking at Bedtime

Dear Kid,

The Puppy has a new game. It’s called Barking At Bedtime.

Actually, it’s called Whining At Bedtime, but that has no alliterative appeal at all (see how I did that?).

I don’t know why he’s taken up whining, but he has.

If there were an Olympic sport for whining, he’d be the gold medalist.

Or possibly the world-famous coach everyone wants to work with.

The Puppy is an endurance whiner. His whine is soft and subtle but annoyingly persistent. It’s not something I’ve figured out how to turn off or ignore.

And it goes on at great length (and by “great length” I mean about 40 minutes, which seems longer than you can even begin to imagine because we’re talking about a high-pitched puppy whine).

Which makes it hard to watch reruns of NCIS and write blogs.

Which is why this is later than usual.

Love ya, kiddo.

Love, Mom

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Crutches, Be a Millionaire Day, and Puppy Commentary

Dear Kid,

Already it’s been quite a busy morning.

Because of she’s on crutches, I drove Pi to school this morning. And because I’m That Kind Of Mom, the puppy came with us. And whined the entire trip.

Puppy: Did not
Me: Excuse me?
Puppy: I was offering a commentary on the things I sniffed
Me: In English we call that whining
Puppy: You do not understand sniffing

Do you know how hard it is to compose a blog in your head when the Puppy is whining? And I’m not talking about a soft, subtle whine, I’m talking about loud, in-your-face, non-stop, “I’m being abused” whining.

Puppy: If I whisper, you can’t hear the commentary
Me: I’d be willing to take my chances

In other news, DearKidLoveMom is making a technology change. Theoretically speaking, this shouldn’t impact you at all. It should be a smooth transition from one hosting service to another.

I did say “theoretically speaking”, right?

The challenge is that technology projects and “theoretically speaking” only have a passing acquaintance—at least in my experience.

Puppy: It’s because you don’t sniff them

I’m hoping you don’t even notice that the site has moved. But in case the world ends (and by “the world ends” I mean the site is down for some amount of time”) I want you to know that I had nothing to do with it and I’m not a bit surprised.

Puppy: If you’d give the technology a treat it would behave much better. Speaking of which…
Me: Puppies who whine in the car do not get treats. Especially not before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.
Puppy: Drink up, woman!

And in still other news, it’s Be a Millionaire Day. It’s not clear to me if this is a directive or an honorific, but it’s not a bad thing. Especially since a million dollars isn’t really a million dollars any more. Well, it is but it only buys you an ice cream cone and a cup of tea in retirement.

How does one celebrate Be a Millionaire Day? I’m not sure. (Puppy: You sniff it.) Maybe you buy a winning lottery ticket (don’t waste your money buying losing tickets). Maybe you play a round of Monopoly. Or maybe you just go to work or school as usual and plan for the future.

Not sounding like a great day to celebrate? Probably because you’re not an expert sniffer.

Love, Mom

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